Welcome to the ALDILA Shaft Archive. Please find a list of our most recent archived and/or discontinued shaft models, sortable by product type and brand. Choose type or filter in drop-down then click on product name to access original product page, specifications, and available materials.

Model Shaft Profile Replacement
WoodQuarantaBlueMid Launch/Mid SpinSynergy Blue
WoodR.I.P.RIPXMid Launch/Low SpinSynergy Blue
WoodROGUEElite - OrangeHigh Launch/Mid Spin
WoodROGUEElite - BlueMid Launch/Low Spin
WoodROGUEElite - GreenLow Launch/Low Spin
WoodXTorsionCopperMid Launch/Low Spin
WoodXTorsionGreenLow/Mid Launch/Low Spin

For press inquires, technical data, or more information on discontinued shafts not listed on this page, please click here or call 760.929.0001 to contact the ALDILA support team.